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      Left alone, the tongues of the excited boys became loosened, and ran like the vibrations of a cicada's rattle. and Lieutenant-Colonel since I got up.

      "It's all right, Johnny," she said.

      health and hope you are enjoyin' the same blessing fur which

      "Are they all gone now?"

      "Well?" The word was not unfriendly."Sure you did," Greta said. "We know that. Sure."


      "I can't keep up. I can't keep up at all," whimpered little Pete Skidmore. "You are just dead certain to lose me."


      "Sammy," said Shorty, "I'm goin' away, right off, and I don't want the people in the house to know nothin' of it. I want you to help me."


      Her fingers plucked nervously at the sheet. There seemed to be a strange tickling irritation in her skin, while her feet were dreadfully cold. She wondered rather dully about the babyshe supposed he could not come to any harm over there in the cradle by himself, but really she did not care muchit was all one to her what happened to him.